The BIONIC PIG effect

While surrounded by both senior enlisted and military officers, a timid fireman walks up to the double-glass doors of a red-bricked building. Hoping to gain leadership wisdom from those surrounding her, a nervous breath escapes the fireman’s lips. The cacophony […]

>Sector Mobile Change-of-Command

> Historically, the Coast Guard has shown its effectiveness at placing the right person in the right job for the past 200 years. On July 9, 2010, it made another quality selection for the incoming commanding officer of Coast Guard […]

>30 years = 360 months = 10,950 days = A long time

> Thirty years is a long time. That’s approximately 30 Super Bowls, 13 winter Olympics or how long golf feels when acting as a spectator. It’s not the longest stretch of time, but when you’re talking about years given in […]

>Some Last Thoughts on Safe Boating

>With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, Coast Guard Auxiliary in Austin passes some important messages about boating safely. Safe Boating Week is drawing to a close. But, that doesn’t mean that the lessons learned stop being applicable. This week alone, […]