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Partnering in education; investing in the future

Typically when you try anything for the first time you don’t expect to have an award-winning performance, but that’s just what Sector Field Office Galveston accomplished during their inaugural year of the Partnership in Education program.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Chandler Nuttal introduces Bert, a trained explosive-sniffing dog, to a classroom full of third graders.

The Power of Impressions: Revealing the Future

As a child have you ever encountered anyone that made a profound impact on the rest of your life? Changed the way you thought of the world and what was in it? Perhaps it was an astronaut, a doctor or […]

Classroom Takeover

This blog was written by Lt. Roxanne Jensen, Incident Management Division chief at Sector Corpus Christi. Photos courtesy of Sector Corpus Christi. Crewmembers from Coast Guard Sector Corpus Christi hosted a tour of more than 100 students from the Blanche […]