Crew cruises college to qual

Always being ready is the lifeblood running through the veins of the United States Coast Guard. Priding themselves on being the best trained in many maritime evolutions, Coast Guard members are ready to respond with utmost flexibility and proficiency in […]

Sentinels of the Crescent City

Down in the Louisiana Bayou lies one of the biggest swamps in the country. It’s full of alligators the size of a small automobile and mosquitoes as large as a muffaletta. Unknown to most, the Coast Guard patrols what are […]

Laissez-nous sail Mardi Gras roads

As you ride the Coast Guard’s cutter float through the streets of New Orleans, a cacophony of screaming masses fill your ears with, “Throw me something mister.” A gumbo of carnival regalia fills your vision as you pass hordes of […]

1812: The war that shaped America

Looking back over every war that America has been involved in, it’s easy to see the positives in retrospect. World War I and II gave the U.S. a giant boost to its economy, pulling it out of the Great Depression […]

Les bons temps rouler the brow

From the red, white and blue of Old Glory to the purple, green and gold of the Big Easy, two other distinctive hues make up the fabric of the Gulf Coast maritime community.  To the public these are the orange […]

Armed Forces Day recognizes Shipmate

The National World War II Museum hosted the Mayor’s Military Advisory Committee Community Service Awards in conjunction with the celebration of Armed Forces Day this past Saturday. Representing the Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, were such guest speakers as […]

>Coast Guard volunteers during NOLA Bowl

> Boy scouts gather before the New Orleans Bowl game. Volunteerism is a term that every Guardian understands very well. After all, in the Coast Guard we all volunteered in joining our service. So, when the message came out that […]

>2010 CPOA Convention: Leading the Coast Guard

> Adm. Robert Papp, the commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard, encouraged all members earlier this month to honor those Shipmates and veterans who came before us who committed to something larger than themselves. During this month of Thanksgiving, it […]

>A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for five District Eight Guardians

>It’s not often that once-in-a-lifetime opportunities turn into actual once-in-a-lifetime events. But, earlier this week, five District Eight Guardians had an opportunity unfold into a series of events they will remember forever. It was late Wednesday night when I received […]

>Navigating the channel from active duty to reserve

>Recently I made the decision to end my enlistment and take an opportunity that, by chance, came my way while I was considering my options with reenlistment. The decision to be released from active duty should be thought out and […]

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