Initiating Anchors

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that nothing is certain. We are constantly changing, adapting and overcoming to reach goals we set. These goals can be for us, our families or the organizations we belong to. But, what most […]

The BIONIC PIG effect

While surrounded by both senior enlisted and military officers, a timid fireman walks up to the double-glass doors of a red-bricked building. Hoping to gain leadership wisdom from those surrounding her, a nervous breath escapes the fireman’s lips. The cacophony […]

Leadership: Retired Lt. Cmdr. Karen Cagle

Nelson Mandela. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. George Washington. None of these men were good leaders. They were more than that. They were a great leaders. So, what makes a good leader? That question can be subjective. Different things matter […]