Nerves of keel

  #Chestpains, #Can’tbreathe; #Takethecontrols. #We’resinking! #Manoverboard! If anyone ever found themselves up to their eyeballs in dark waters, chances are they would not tweet their condition to family and friends. They would dial 911 or yell as loud as they […]

Crew cruises college to qual

Always being ready is the lifeblood running through the veins of the United States Coast Guard. Priding themselves on being the best trained in many maritime evolutions, Coast Guard members are ready to respond with utmost flexibility and proficiency in […]

Sentinels of the Crescent City

Down in the Louisiana Bayou lies one of the biggest swamps in the country. It’s full of alligators the size of a small automobile and mosquitoes as large as a muffaletta. Unknown to most, the Coast Guard patrols what are […]

A light from the past

When walking through the city of New Orleans, one is afforded a unique opportunity–an opportunity to see the past every day. On every street and every corner, residents and visitors are reminded that New Orleans has a deep and rich […]

A Day at Coast Guard Station New Orleans

A desperate call for help crackles over the radio at 2 a.m. A watchstander at Coast Guard Station New Orleans quickly responds to the call and gathers vital information from the panicked mariner. An alarm is sounded and a rescue […]

Standing the Watch: Coast Guard celebrates 221 years of service

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard celebrates its 221st birthday. Units across the country will be enjoying picnics and cookouts as they commemorate this milestone in the rich and colorful history of our […]

>Coast Guard Station New Orleans debuts new 45-footer (RB-M)

> On Nov. 16, 2010, in Metairie, La., the waters of Lake Pontchartrain hosted the underway exhibition of Coast Guard Station New Orleans’ newest search and rescue asset, the 45-foot response boat (RB-M). Photographers for the local ABC affiliate WGNO […]