A breath of fresh air

Being a part of a military organization can be stressful. Coast Guard men and women deal with dangerous, high tempo, real-life evolutions on a daily basis. Whether it is a search-and-rescue case, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief or vessel inspections, […]

The Forgotten Shipmate

Did you know the Coast Guard has a forgotten shipmate? One who is there with the newest Coast Guard recruit in Cape May, New Jersey, to the most recent retiree. Find out more about this forgotten shipmate of the Coast Guard here.

Pause for a cause

  Coast Guardsmen are a contractually nomadic tribe, traveling from coast to coast and then some carrying out the King’s business.   As perpetual transplants, they don’t just live where they work. They put down roots and help their new […]

Homerun bound

Passion is a motivator. Passion has the power to push people to move forward beyond expectations. It provides the drive and motivation to get up every day and charge at life. The service is built by passionate individuals who have […]

A Workout to Remember: CG-6535

As heroes of history fell legends sprang forth from their daring feats, but now CrossFit workouts (WODs) are created in their honor. This multimedia project is of the 2nd Annual CG-6535 Memorial Workout done by Coast Guardsmen of the 8th Coast Guard District at the CrossFit Overtorque box in New Orleans.

Nerves of keel

  #Chestpains, #Can’tbreathe; #Takethecontrols. #We’resinking! #Manoverboard! If anyone ever found themselves up to their eyeballs in dark waters, chances are they would not tweet their condition to family and friends. They would dial 911 or yell as loud as they […]

Nocturnal state; Operating in darkness

I clench my hands tightly and pull my olive green sleeping bag closer to my face. The constant rocking of the ship has become a lullaby for my body. I hear a faint sound escaping from the ceiling, a mere […]

Remember the White Alder

  Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day mourns the loss of the 2,402 Americans who died during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941.  Twenty-seven years later in 1968, on the day that lives in infamy, 17 crewmen lost their […]

Billion-dollar buoys

Psst. Want in on a secret of a sweet deal? It’s not plastics, cold fusion or a pair of superconductor bracelets that cure arthritis, cancer, hypertension, depression or mesotheli-something-or-other for just $19.99. No, plastic fills the bumpers of cars and […]

A safer, cleaner tomorrow

Forget the mundane. This is a mission that is often synonymous with anonymous, as its agents and incidents can be difficult to record. Because, the worst case, end-of-the-world very thing that should have, could have or would have happened — […]

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