Saviors in the shadows

Story by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Lally “Hello all station, hello all station” crackles throughout a dimly lit room. The room is about the size of an apartment loft. A dull, gray, semi-circle cavern with screens and speakers hidden […]

The Sentries: Protecting the port, global maritime commerce

  Nearly 100 miles from the Big Easy and far from the revelry of Bourbon Street, ships the length of two football fields and the diameter of the Superdome anchor near the passes along the lower Mississippi River. Up close […]

49 years of service…in dog years

 Story by Petty Officer 2nd Class Renee Coleman Chief Petty Officer Ferro, a Canine Explosive Detector dog, has served in the United States Coast Guard for nine years alongside his handler Petty Officer 1st Class Shane Coleman.  In a ceremony […]

Coast Guard hero immortalized

New Orleans native, Margaret “Madge” Norvell served as a lighthouse keeper for 41 years with the U.S. Lighthouse Service, which merged with the U.S. Coast Guard in 1939. Standing her watch at multiple lighthouses along Louisiana’s shores she saved countless lives. Her legacy…now forever immortalized.

Sentinels of the Crescent City

Down in the Louisiana Bayou lies one of the biggest swamps in the country. It’s full of alligators the size of a small automobile and mosquitoes as large as a muffaletta. Unknown to most, the Coast Guard patrols what are […]

Wings on High - How an air station is always ready

Wings on High: How an air station is always ready

Click the image to play the videoThe Coast Guard has 210 aircraft located at 24 air stations strategically placed across the United States. The Coast Guard men and women assigned to these air stations work 24/7 to ensure that the Coast Guard’s […]

Critical mass rescue training

When anyone thinks of a tabletop exercise, the first thing that may come to mind is Dungeons and Dragons. But one type of tabletop exercise is no game; it is in fact training several agencies in preparation for ultimate mission […]

Station New Orleans: Protecting the gateway to global commerce

       America is currently besieged by a very particular fear. It is a fear of not enough, a universal fear. It is a fear of not enough money and not enough jobs. It is a fear for the future. […]

Staying Frosty

    The U.S. Coast Guard has a history of being America’s first responder whenever disaster strikes. Whether it’s search and rescue operations after a natural disaster or when boaters signal distress, the Coast Guard is always ready to send […]

Station Venice: Protecting the gateway to the Mississippi River

 A recent trip to Venice, La., the southeastern tip of the Pelican State, proves there are some places where the buses don’t run, but the alligators do, off-road like all-terrain vehicles.  There’s the beaten path, and then there is 436 […]

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