Proficiency: Preparing for the unpredictable

My morning began the same way it had many times before. I walked into Coast Guard Air Station Houston, turned the corner and made my way down the long narrow hallway to the public affairs shop. The hallway was completely […]

Keeping the wings golden

A thunderous whirring fills the atmosphere as powerful rotor blades slice into the air. Crossing a body of water a predominant orange-and-white helicopter slows down descending into a hover as the propeller thrust gusts waves to form a halo on […]

Aux rocks the air

  Train and maintain is a phrase often associated with mundane tasks that need to get done to please supervisors. Despite the eye rolling and negative connotations associated with the phrase, Coast Guardsmen train for a reason. The Coast Guard […]

Rocky Mountain rescuers

  There is no greater spirit than that of a volunteer. No one exemplifies this better than the Coast Guard Auxiliarists of Division 1, 8th Western Rivers District. September brought unprecedented rainfall and flooding to Colorado. At least eight people […]

Backed by science

      Growing up, did you ever do something that was, let’s say, less than advisable? Maybe climbing that particular tree wasn’t such a good idea? Maybe stepping on that particular elderly gentleman’s lawn ruined your day? Wouldn’t it […]

Proficiency: it’s the name of the game

The last time I’d schedule a visit Coast Guard Station Freeport the visit had been rained out. Weeks of planning went down the drain as I drove into work, listening to the area weather forecast over the radio. When I […]

One life jacket away

“It’s too hot and gets in the way.” “I’m a good swimmer, don’t worry.” “Nothing is going to happen to me.” These are things you may have heard before if you participate in recreational boating. In 2012, the Coast Guard […]

Saviors in the shadows

Story by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Lally “Hello all station, hello all station” crackles throughout a dimly lit room. The room is about the size of an apartment loft. A dull, gray, semi-circle cavern with screens and speakers hidden […]

Looking for a sign

San Luis Pass. The name gently rolls of the tongue. Situated between Freeport and Galveston, Texas, the waterway looks as benign as the name is pleasant to say. In fact, you could say it’s scenic what with its sandy beaches […]

Coast Guard hero immortalized

New Orleans native, Margaret “Madge” Norvell served as a lighthouse keeper for 41 years with the U.S. Lighthouse Service, which merged with the U.S. Coast Guard in 1939. Standing her watch at multiple lighthouses along Louisiana’s shores she saved countless lives. Her legacy…now forever immortalized.

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