Fishy Business: The anatomy of a boarding with Coast Guard Cutter Dauntless

It was pitch-black, I squinted my eyes tightly in attempts to adjust them to the darkness. If it weren’t for the sound of the waves bouncing off the side of the boat there would be no indication of where I […]

Crew cruises college to qual

Always being ready is the lifeblood running through the veins of the United States Coast Guard. Priding themselves on being the best trained in many maritime evolutions, Coast Guard members are ready to respond with utmost flexibility and proficiency in […]

Billion-dollar buoys

Psst. Want in on a secret of a sweet deal? It’s not plastics, cold fusion or a pair of superconductor bracelets that cure arthritis, cancer, hypertension, depression or mesotheli-something-or-other for just $19.99. No, plastic fills the bumpers of cars and […]

Coast Guard assists with tornado cleanup

Story and photos by Petty Officer 2nd Ayla Kelley Dozens of tornados tore through the Midwest Nov. 17, leaving a path of destruction behind. As with most storms in the Midwest, the National Guard and other state and local agencies […]

Thanksgiving response on the Mississippi

While most of America was enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with their families, members of the Coast Guard were in an unlikely place, Le Claire, Iowa, though it was exactly where they needed to be. Following the sinking of a 144-foot […]

Honoring Military on 11-11

On the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month of 1918, the world could breathe easier because the major hostilities of World War I formally ended. From that day forward Americans celebrated and still honor their military […]

Iron sonata

The clanking jingle of metallic music fills the air accompanied by a cacophony of intense breathing as bodies struggle to stay in motion. It’s a classical piece of music with a modern twist directed by Newton and performed by Coast Guard members. Click here to find out more about this Iron Sonata.

Rocky Mountain rescuers

  There is no greater spirit than that of a volunteer. No one exemplifies this better than the Coast Guard Auxiliarists of Division 1, 8th Western Rivers District. September brought unprecedented rainfall and flooding to Colorado. At least eight people […]

A safer, cleaner tomorrow

Forget the mundane. This is a mission that is often synonymous with anonymous, as its agents and incidents can be difficult to record. Because, the worst case, end-of-the-world very thing that should have, could have or would have happened — […]

Learning the life flow of America’s main arteries

On a Tuesday morning in Louisville, Ky., about 20 dark-blue uniformed people make their way into a basement conference room in the Romano L. Mazzoli Federal building. Bleary-eyed and waiting for their coffee to kick in, they sit patiently behind […]

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